The Reform Jewish Quarterly Winter 2023

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Winter 2023

From the Editor

Articles: The Rabbinate as Career: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Reflections of a Rabbinate – Rabbi Lewis Kamrass
  • Getting What You Wish For: Jewish Professionals and the Emotional Meaning of Money – Rabbi Ellen Lewis
  • Fifty Years with One Congregation: A Memoir of Sorts – Rabbi Peter H. Grumbacher
  • Joys of Being a Second-Career Rabbi – Rabbi Sanford Olshansky
  • “That’s No Job for a Jewish Boy”: In Honor of Those Who Guided Me in My Rabbinate – Rabbi Philip Bently
  • Making the Circuit – Rabbi Jordan Parr
  • An Unlikely Journey – Rabbi Neal Katz

General Articles

  • “Egypt Is Lost”: Lessons for History and America – Rabbi Elaine Rose Glickman
  • Declarations of Dialogue: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Overtures to the Religious Other – Rabbi Judith Schindler
  • M’gillah and Machiavelli: Esther’s Political Science – Rabbi Leigh Lerner
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Change: Biblical Models – Rabbi Steven Bob
  • Interpersonal T’shuvah – Rabbi Neil Hirsch
  • Aliyat HaNefesh: How to Raise the Community’s Spirituality One Step at a Time – Rabbi Lester Polansky

Book Reviews

  • From Strength to Strength: Finding Success, Happiness, and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life – Arthur C. Brooks – Reviewed by Rabbi Melanie Aron
  • Power and Gender in Rabbinic Sexual Abuse: A Review Essay: When Rabbis Abuse: Power, Gender, and Status in the Dynamics of Sexual Abuse in Jewish Culture – Elana Sztokman – Reviewed by Rabbi Rachel Adler, PhD
  • The Beauty of Dusk: On Vision Lost and Found – Frank Bruni – Reviewed by Rabbi David J. Zucker, PhD
  • A God We can Believe In – Edited by Richard Agler and Rifat Soncino – Reviewed by Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis
  • Search: A Novel – Michelle Huneven – Reviewed by Rabbi Benjamin Altshuler
  • The Third Temple – Abraham B. Yehoshua – Reviewed by Rabbi Dr. Israel Bobrov Zoberman
  • Arc of Our History: A Social and Political Narrative of Family and Nation – Stanley Rigler – Reviewed by Rabbi Daniel Polish
  • Headstone – Mark Elber – Reviewed by Rabbi Natalie Louise Shribman


  • Homeless No More – Rabbi Dr. Israel Bobrov Zoberman
  • The Night Before My Doctor’s Appointment – Richard Fein

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