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Winter 2024: Symposium: On Being a Jew and a Human Being amid Rapid Technological Change

From the Editor

Symposium: On Being a Jew and a Human Being amid Rapid Technological Change

  • On Being Human: Jewish Theology and the Digital Life – Rabbi Joseph A. Skloot, PhD
  • Response to Joseph Skloot: Deactivating the Golem – Rabbi Shirley Idelson, PhD
  • Divine Transcendence as an Answer to the Problem of Ethical Loneliness – Rabbi Kari Hofmaister Tuling, PhD
  • Response to Kari Tuling: Reimagining a Transcendent God — Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz, PhD
  • A Holistic Jewish Life – Rabbi Sari Laufer
  • Response to Sari Laufer: Facing the Demise of Reform Jewish Particularism – Rabbi Amy R. Perlin
  • Freeing Ourselves from Kant’s Dichotomy – Rabbi Leon A. Morris
  • Response to Leon Morris: Choosing to Accept What is Beyond Choice – Rabbi Lisa J. Grushcow
  • Toward a Reform Jewish Theological Renewal in Dark Times – Dr. Alyssa M. Gray
  • Response to Alyssa Gray: Tragic Vision, Stubborn Hope – Rabbi David Stern
  • How We Should Teach Reform Jews to Read the Torah Since We All Know That the World Is Round: Seven Guidelines for Reform Jewish Leaders – Rabbi Jeremy S. Morrison, PhD
  • Response to Jeremy Morrison: Ruthlessly Relevant Torah – Rabbi Hilly Haber

General Articles

  • My Religious Philosophy: A Religious Naturalist Approach – Rabbi Rifat Sonsino, PhD
  • A New Yahrzeit Ritual Practice: Yahrzeit Observance in the Home on the Deceased’s Birthday – Rabbi Mark S. Kram
  • 60th Ordination Anniversary Sermon – Rabbi Alan D. Fuchs
  • The Akeidah as Dream Sequence – Rabbi Neil Amswych

Book Reviews

  • Biblical Women Speak: Hearing Their Voices through New and Ancient Midrash by Rabbi Marla J. Feldman, reviewed by Rabbi Rachael Klein Miller
  • Jewish Sunday Schools: Teaching Religion in Nineteenth-Century America by Laura Yares, reviewed by Rabbi Samuel K. Joseph, PhD
  • Undesirables: A Holocaust Journey to North Africa by Aomar Boum and Nadjib Berber, reviewed by Rabbi Samuel Kaye
  • Fractured Tablets: Forgetfulness and Fallibility in Late Ancient Rabbinic Culture by Mira Balberg, reviewed by Rabbi Matthew Kraus
  • The King Is in the Field: Essays in Modern Jewish Political Thought edited by Julie E. Cooper and Samuel Hayim Brody, reviewed by Rabbi Joshua Herman
  • The Last Consolation Vanished by Zalman Gradowski, edited by Arnold I. Davidson and Philippe Mesnard, translated by Rubye Monet, and reviewed by Rabbi Rachel Maimin
  • Women and the Religion of Ancient Israel by Susan Ackerman, reviewed by Rabbi Elizabeth W. Goldstein, PhD
  • Biblical Women and Jewish Daily Life in the Middle Ages by Elisheva Baumgarten, reviewed by Rabbi Susan L. Einbinder, PhD


  • Klaf – Jehanne Dubrow
  • Bouldering – Jehanne Dubrow
  • Saying Kaddish – Jehanne Dubrow
  • To Inherit and Bequeath – Rabbi Stephen S. Pearce, PhD
  • Sh’mana – Rabbi Albert Micah Lewis
  • Obituary for a Dog (Seder K’lavim) – Immanuel Suttner
  • When We Left – Rabbi Adam D. Fisher
  • Elijah’s Cup: A Child’s Pesach – Roger Nash
  • Living by a Lunar Calendar – Roger Nash
  • A Story of Mizrach in My Town – Roger Nash
  • Hillel on the Roof – Philip Terman
  • On Reading the Akeidah as a Dream Sequence on Rosh HaShanah – Rabbi Daniel Polish
  • At the Tashlich Pond – Rabbi Dan Fink
  • Predicate Psalm – Michael Sandler
  • Unlike Jacob – Rabbi Israel Bobrov Zoberman, PhD

CCAR Responsum 5783.1: Medical Assistance in Dying

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