CCAR Condemns MK Eichler’s Comments About Reform Jews

Central Conference of American Rabbis Condemns Israel Tourism Minister Yariv Levin’s Comments on Reform Judaism

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Central Conference of American Rabbis calls upon all Israeli and American Jews to come together and stand against Minister Levin’s comments on American Reform Jews.

Minister Levin is entitled to his private beliefs. However, as a minister in the government of all Israel, he has an obligation to support the religious practice of all Israelis. His remarks on the supposed waning presence of U.S. Reform Jews reveal a bias against a religious movement that includes over a million and a half people.

CCAR members work hard every day to draw our communities ever closer to Torah and to the Jewish state we love. Words like Minister Levin’s can only serve to alienate members of the communities we serve from Israel. His remarks are particularly offensive as CCAR heads to its annual convention, to be held later this month in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, where American Reform rabbis will be meeting with our Israeli counterparts as well as with representatives of the Israeli government. The conference, which demonstrates American Reform Jews’ deep commitment to the well-being of Israel, will feature CCAR members participating in the Tel Aviv Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, or 5K, raising money to benefit Reform Judaism in Israel. Alongside CCAR’s repeated statements and actions in support of the Jewish state over decades, the conference demonstrates that Minister Levin’s words disparaging Reform Judaism could not be further from the truth.

Rabbi Denise Eger      Rabbi Steven A. Fox
President                  Chief Executive

Central Conference of American Rabbis