CCAR Omer Chavruta 5784 

This Omer, we invite you to join us in strengthening our CCAR community, one chavruta at a time. Utilizing weekly guides that delve into one of three different CCAR Press books, you will have the opportunity to connect one-to-one to study, learn, and develop new Torah together. Sign up to be matched with a colleague and get to know someone new, or tell us who you’ll be partnering with if you already have a chavruta partner with whom you’d prefer to meet. Weekly materials will be emailed out each Wednesday for the duration of the counting of the Omer. We will be offering materials connected to three CCAR publications: Shmuly Yanklowitz’s Pirkei Avot: A Social Justice Commentary, Karyn Kedar’s Omer: A Counting, and Merle Feld’s Longings: Poems of a Life. 

More information on study options:  

  • Pirkei Avot: A Social Justice Commentary, by Shmuly Yanklowitz 

    Taking inspiration from the CCAR Press Study Guide created by Jesse Paikin, each week’s guide will direct you to a few mishnayot that speak to a particular rabbinic role (Rabbi as Teacher, Rabbi as Comforter, Rabbi as Activist, etc.) and invite you and your chavruta partner to explore that role through the lens of the Mishnaic text and Yanklowitz’s commentary.  
  • Omer: A Counting, by Karyn Kedar 

    Adapted from the CCAR Press Study Guide created by Jill Perlman, Nicole Auerbach, and Benjamin Barer, in consultation with Karyn Kedar, each week’s guide will focus on the theme offered for that week (Week 1: Decide, Week 2: Discern, etc.).  
  • Longing: Poems of a Life, by Merle Feld 

    Using Merle Feld’s Discussion and Journaling Guide, you and your partner may choose any of the questions posed each week to guide your discussion, or use your chavruta time as an opportunity to journal based on the prompts offered, and then share your own writing with each other. 

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